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The history of Circus in Australia is one steeped in legend and colour. People from all walks of life were attracted to the circus and many circus performers that started in Australia become internationally renowed. This site is dedicated to following circus history in Australia and the families that were eminent in the evolution of the circus in Australia.

If you have an interest in the circus, performing arts or early Australian history and the pioneers that helped make Australia such and rich and diverse country, take a browse through the Pennygaff website and discover the people behind the face paint in the big top.

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Follow the history of the circus in Australia via the Pennygaff website.

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The story of the circus in Australia and its travelling troop of artists and acrobats has rarely been told, until now.

Watch the story as shown on ABC1's 7.30 program.

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Circus - The Australian Story
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    THE HONEYS were (mostly) Australian-born children of Alfred and Daisy Honey.

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    Circus language has changed over time and certain terms were specific to different countries...