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Australian country circus transport, about 1914
Before the introduction of motor vehicles, travelling Australian circuses relied on horses and wagons. Here are two wagons for Gus St Leon's United Circus photographed about 1914: in the foreground, a wagon used for conveying the circus equipment and. parked in the rear, a covered living wagon.

Gus St Leon's United Circus about 1914


St Leon Bros European Circus, Binghampton, New York, 1931
In the United States in 1931, the American-based members of Australia's St Leon circus family organised its own circus, shown here on the lot at Binghampton, New York.

St Leon's Circus - Binghampton New York 1931


Perry Bros Circus, Bathurst, NSW, 1935.
Local children watch with amazement as the elephants are disembarked from Perry Bros circus train at Bathurst.
Perry Bros Circus Bathurst 1935


Probasco's Circus, 1899
The American horse trainer Ellsworth L. Probasco toured his circus throughout Victoria and New South Wales during 1898-99. He is photographed here in front of his 'advance waggon', which was driven by the advance agent who travelled ahead of the circus to bill the towns and book the grounds for the circus.

Probasco's Circus - Advance Wagon 1898 -1899


Cages of lions carried on a circus train, 1929
Young boys stare in amazement at a passing train carrying three cages of lions for St Leon's Circus.
Lions in Train Carriage Cages 1929


Ashton's Circus, about 1950
The vehicles of Ashton's Circus pulled up on a country road.
Ashtons Circus Vehicles


Goldwyn Bros Royal Circus, about 1940
Goldwyn Bros Royal Circus, which was organised by one of the Ashton circus family in the 1930s, sported the innovation of its own caravans.
Goldwyn Bros Royal Circu about 1940


Wirth's Circus, South Australia, 1958
A portion of the train carrying Wirth Bros Circus and Zoo. Wirth's Circus relied continuously on rail transport for its Australasia tours from 1888 until the final closure of this great circus in 1963.

Wirth Bros Circus and Zoo Train 1958