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American Cowboys and Cowgirls
American cowboys and cowgirls, members of Colonel Ike Rose's Wild West Company which toured Australia with Wirth Bros Circus in 1912-13.
American cowboys and cowgirls 1912-13


Bud Atkinson's American Circus and Wild West Show
Bud Atkinson's American Circus and Wild West Shows, the last large American circus to visit Australia, commenced its ambitious 1912-13 tour in Sydney but soon failed.
Wild West Show in Australia


Texas Jack's Wild West Show
Members of Texas Jack's Wild West Show photographed in South Africa in 1902. Texas Jack's visit to Australia in 1897-98 inspired the Henry Lawson to write the poem, A word to Texas Jack.

Texa Jack visited Australia in 1898-98


Captain 'Happy Jack' Sutton
In 1890, representatives for Wirth Bros Circus engaged Captain 'Happy Jack' Sutton and his company of cowboys and Red Indians in San Francisco, the first complete wild west show to tour Australasia.

The first Wild West Show to tour Australia


Texas Jack
The American wild west showman Texas Jack photographed during his Australian tour of 1897-98. Texas Jack took the name of his mentor 'Texas Jack' Omohundro who rescued him as a baby after his parents were attacked and killed by Indians.

Showman - Texas Jack


Wild West Troupe
Visiting wild west troupes remained popular well into the 20th century. This troupe - four cowboys and one cowgirl - toured Australasia with Wirth Bros Circus in 1905.
Wild West Troupe