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There are a number of books , cards and items of ephemera available which are related to Australiaís circus history.
The following books (which are no longer being printed) written or co-authored by Mark St Leon, are available, if not new then secondhand.

Spangles & Sawdust: The Circus in Australia
By Mark St Leon

Melbourne: Greenhouse Publications, 1983
The Silver Road: The Life of Mervyn King, Circus Man
By Mark St Leon

Paperback; Illustrations; Ports.
Published: December 1990
Butterfly Books
ISBN: 094733310X
The Wizard of the Wire: The Story of Con Colleano
By Mark St Leon

Paperback; Colour, B&W Photographs, Bibliography
220 pages
Published: November 1993
Aboriginal Studies Press
ISBN: 0855752467
Take a Drum & Beat It: The Story of the Astonishing Ashtons
By Judy Cannon with Mark St Leon
Published: December 1997
Tytherleigh Press
Children of the Circus: The Australian Experience
By John Ramsland with Mark St Leon

Published: December 1993
Butterfly Books